About Us

First established in 1980, started out as a producer of leather products in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1993, we left the production of leather and started to produce shoe sole in the name of “SRD” at Gedik Paşa, calls as an apprentice school of Shoemaking in Istanbul. In the following years, we’ve been selected to represent different brands. In 2008, we take over the company, ”Polar Taban”, from the Zilan Group and we have started to institutionalize subsequently. In recent years, our specialization in the production of high quality products enabled us to introduce our brand, POLAR TABAN, to foreign markets.

From 1980 to present, our small workshop has now turned into an industrial plant. Now, 20 thousand couple per day of production capacity we have, with 120 employee and export volume about to 60 percent. As we have expanded our product range, we have also widened our distribution network. Our team present top quality shoe sole products to expenders.


We, POLAR TABAN, aim to supply the best quality products to our valuable customers. Every season, our experienced designers and production team create new contemporary to meet your expectations.


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our goal is to create designs which appreciated by expender. We know the importance of successful R&D and innovative mind.


Choose Us, For What?


In World Footwear Sector, producers need modern shoe sole design to create more comfortable and more stylish shoes. We, Polar Taban, want to be more innovative in this sector. So there is a line between us and the others which have been drawn with this strategy. We are in knowledge that footwear is a fashion and so the sole, not only an object for protection. We care what you like…

Innovation Strategy

  • Aesthetic: Our aim is to create more aesthetic shoes that are more resistant.
  • Health: Can people protect their foot health without compromising on style? We care.
  • Innovative: Colors, materials and styles are free in our principles.
  • Modernity: Every season, our experienced designers and production teams create new contemporary to meet your expectations.
  • Original: Special design soles created by us allow designers to develop exclusive products.

Our References

  • Polaris
  • Kinetix
  • Kemal Tanca
  • Greyder
  • Mammamia
  • Roberto Lenzi
  • Dockers
  • Flogart
  • Ayakkabı Dünyası
  • Hotiç
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  • Beta
  • Bambi